Year 2018: The Rise of Wireless Technology


Using your laptop’s trackpad can sometimes be a real pain, and corded mouse can be annoying at times especially when you’re trying to work outside your house. Fortunately, along with the rise of wireless technology, the wireless mouse was made and it can definitely make your workflow much easier.

Good thing MyTotalWorld offers a product that could detangle you from that corded annoyance! The wireless mouse offers you comfort with its minimalist design and compact yet a powerful accessory that you can take anywhere without worrying about it tangling with your other items in your bag.

Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Having a good blast of music whether you’re working out, doing chores around the house or hanging out with your friends can totally enliven the mood of your environment. With Wireless Bluetooth speaker, you don’t need a long auxiliary cord to connect it to your phone to be able to play your favorite songs, just connect it via bluetooth and get ready rock hard to the power of its extra bass!


Installing a surveillance camera is a headache. But not anymore! MyTotalWorld offers a variety of choices when it comes to surveillance or monitoring camera. It’s wireless and works in seconds. You can use it to monitor your children while you are away so you don't have to worry anymore.

Headphone Winter Wireless Bluetooth Music Hat

Chilling during the winters or weather with a dose of your favorite music just got better with MyTotalWorld’s handy offer, Headphones installed in a music hat. Who said life cannot be this easier? Shop now with MyTotalWorld.

Wireless Mobile Gamepad

The rise in modern technology gave mobile phones incredible capabilities, from acting as a real-time GPS, to being to play your favorite game available in the application store. But one of the problems most smartphone users out there when playing a game on their device is the lack of tangible buttons. Since most smartphones are touchscreen, the control buttons are positioned along the screen where its hard to play as your fingers obstruct your view while playing.

Luckily, MyTotalWorld offers a solution for the mobile phone gamers out there. The Mobile Bluetooth controller gives you that touchable directional and action buttons where you can truly feel high-quality gaming on your portable device.

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