What’s Hot in Wearable Technology - Smart Watches and Beyond

As technology becomes smarter and integrated into basically everything, it only seems right that we “wear” technology -- literally. Wearable technology refers to electronic devices and gadgets that can be worn on our body, either as accessories or as implants. The industry is advancing rapidly in terms of the technology behind it, its functionality, and even size.

Here are 7 products you never thought would be wearable and functional at the same time, but are incredibly amazing:

  1. Activity Trackers 

Activity trackers, or fitness trackers, are used for monitoring your fitness-related activities, such as number of steps walked or climbed, your heart rate, calorie consumption, or sometimes even the quality of your sleep.

These trackers are typically used for weight loss and just for getting healthier in general. One of the most popular ones is Fitbit, which can be synced to smart devices via Bluetooth. Users have can log their food, activities, weight, etc., and track those all in the app easily.

These trackers are usually worn on the wrist to track your everyday movement.

  1. VR Headsets (H2)

Like activity trackers, VR headsets have recently become incredibly popular. Headsets and earphones -- wearable technology in its simpler form -- have long been used by many of us, but VR headsets are different. They are used for virtual reality -- which are exactly what the name implies -- it’s like an artificial world where you can move around and interact with the virtual features and items, with the use of the headsets. They are also widely used for computer games.

It is worn on the head of the user, and they sometimes come with separate controllers for gaming.

  1. Smart Shoes

Under Armour has recently released smart shoes -- who knew shoes could be smart?! These shoes have “invisible” wearing technology, meaning they’re not as techy-looking as the first two technologies mentioned in this article. Its tracker is located in the soles of the shoes.

It records your running metrics, and measures your muscle fatigue so you can be informed how intensely you can run. All of this can be viewed via an app on your smartphone, and is recorded for future reference.

Since its technology is invisible, you can wear it just as you would a normal shoe.

  1. Lumo Lift

Has slouching always been your problem? Improving your posture has never been easier. Lumo Lift is a tiny device that you can wear under your clothes -- it vibrates when you slouch so you’re reminded to sit or stand up straight. Technology really does solve everything!

  1. Nadi X

For people who want to get into yoga but never know if they’re doing it right, the Nadi X is a pair of smart pants that guides you through yoga poses using vibrations. It has “woven-in technology” that has sensors in different parts of the pants -- around areas of the hips, knees, and ankles. Like the others, this can be connected to your mobile through its own app.

  1. Polar Seal

Polar Seal is an apparel line that gives you “warmth on demand”. It has two integrated heating elements on the garment -- one for your upper, and another one for your lower back. Users can choose from 3 heating levels, and can be activated by the touch of a button.

It’s ideal for sports as its garment is thin and flexible! They are safe to be washed as well.

  1. Smart watches

No talk of wearable technology would complete without the mention of smart watches! Smart watches have become almost a staple for people nowadays -- it’s kind of like an extension of your smartphone, and is a mobile device by itself.

Smart watches have been here for quite a long time now, but the first models could only perform really basic tasks such as time telling and calculations.

Now, though, they’ve become really powerful and can be considered as wearable computers. Most of them are touch screen and can run mobile apps. They also hold the same function of fitness trackers, tracking your every movement to improve fitness. Some can work as media players (can play FM radio, as well as video and audio files) even have the complete functionality of your typical smartphone.

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