Wardrobe Revamp: What’s Trending in Women’s Fashion for 2018


It has always been a tradition that every new year, there shall always be some new year’s resolution. Its aim is to improve lifestyle, life perspectives and much more. This year, include in your list the need to revamp your wardrobe with the essentials that will always be trendy this 2018.

Revamping your wardrobe does not have to be expensive. MyTotalWorld.com gives you the chance to tweak your wardrobe without costing your arm and a leg. You can also consider selling your pre-loved clothes online or host a garage sale. It’s always a better idea than let your clothes stay in the closet. It’s pragmatic and a way to raise money to shop for new brand new clothes!

MyTotalWorld.com values money and style. We want you to be as stylish as possible, while never letting the value for money be compromised.

Basics x Forever

Sometimes, it gets too frustrating when deciding which look to go to. When all else fail, just go back to basics. You can never go wrong with going basics. Tattered denim jeans paired with white plain shirts are always a perfect match. Finish it with a pair of your favorite sneakers. Classic look! Too lazy to pair those two easy pieces? Go with a basic shirt dress that matches perfectly with any type of shoes.

Some style inspirations:

Copy this look for so much less! Shop while it's 90% off!

Prints to Love

Fall in love with the prettiest prints that will surely reflect your personality. 2018 is all about owning some dresses with lovely prints. Halter dresses will give justice to it. Pair it with an easy-going bag and plain shoes of any type.

Here are some prints to love.

Knitted Wears x New found love

Knitted clothes are always thought to be boring pieces of clothing but in 2018, it’s in and with a bang! MyTotalWorld.com boasts a wide range of choices for this soft fabric item.



Here are some of our favorite and best-sellers.

Pair these gorgeous tops with any type of bottoms, from jeans, to culottes, to short to maxi skirts, to shorts, it always effortless matches! It’s perfect to slay in any seasons, as well!

Jumpsuits for any occasions

Stats will never lie, so we won't, trust us when we say that jumpsuits had been 2017’s best seller and we’re certain that it will still reign this 2018! It’s classy, looks expensive and feels premium for any skin and body type. It’s the vixen and trust us when we say that every woman must have a nice jumpsuit in their closet. 2018 is all about simple and sexy.

Pair it perfectly with high heeled shoes to emphasize the curves.

Style Inspiration 



MyTotalWorld.com empowers women to be confident about themselves, their bodies, and uniqueness while valuing money and convenience. That is why we have developed a 5-star world-class shopping experience that will surely make it easier for you to revamp your wardrobe into a 2018-ready one!

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