Bundles of Fun & Style: How to Switch Up Your Look with Hair Weaves and Wigs

Get a New Look in an Instant with Hair Weaves and Wigs

Switching up your style used to be a decision that will take you hours or days of contemplation because it was a permanent choice. Now, women are getting more experimental with makeup, fashion and now hair weaves (bundles) and wigs. It’s becoming easier than ever to achieve a new look in an instant. With hair wigs and weaves, it’s all possible now.

For decades, it’s been a mystery of women on how celebrities keep on ‘re-inventing’ themselves on stage, screen and magazine covers. Before, women outside these industries can only wish that they could replicate the look of their famous favorite celebrity. From Cher, Madonna and Beyonce...the secret is out. These celebrities all use amazing makeup artists’ tips and tricks and great quality hair weaves and lace front wigs.

What’s the Difference Between a Hair Weave and a Wig

If you’re interested in switching up your look, you’re going to have to know the difference between hair weaves and wigs.

Hair weaves (also known as hair pieces and bundles) are hair extensions that are woven or glued onto a track and placed into existing hair. This is done to add volume, change color, style and length.

There are different hair extension types. That includes synthetic (cheaper) and human hair (more expensive, usually Brazilian, Indian or Malaysian).

Wigs were traditionally used for people who were balding due to loss of hair or illness. Recently the trend amongst celebrities and women in the now is to use wigs to change their style and appearance.

Like hair weaves / extensions, there are a vast range of hair wigs that you can explore that will match your budget.

Lace front wigs is designed to look more natural so your scalp shows through the wig and creates a natural looking hairline. They are usually made with human hair and are therefore more expensive.

The improvement of manufacturing fibre wigs means that you can find wigs that look natural, and are more affordable.

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