5 Things to Think About When Buying a New Camera Drone 

camera drone

Don’t you just love seeing those amazing aerial shots and wish you can create some of your own? Whether you’re buying for a business, a professional film, or just simply for recreation, there are a number of things to consider.

Drones are quite expensive, and just like buying anything else that’s expensive, it would be best to do your research first before buying one, especially if you’re buying your first one. But looking at articles online with tons of technical terms can be quite overwhelming and confusing, so we did the research for you! Here are the 5 things to think about when buying a new camera drone:

  1. Size and Range

In terms of size, there are two types of camera drones: large or camera-bearing fliers, or the smaller, lighter camera-free drones. The large ones usually have separate controllers, while the smaller ones can be controlled using your phone, and can even be flown indoors.

One type isn’t necessarily better than the other, but consider your drone’s purpose and how it weaves into your lifestyle -- is it for traveling, hiking, or biking? You should probably get a large one. Will you use it for selfies or indoor filming? Are you always on the go and just want something to carry around with you? Then a smaller and lighter drone might be a better fit for your needs.

On the other hand, the range of a camera drone refers to how far you can move it before you lose control of it. Similar to size, deciding on the range of your camera drone is highly dependent on what you need for your lifestyle and drone purpose. If you plan to take highly amazing aerial shots that capture the whole moment, you might want to buy a camera drone with a high range. If you’re mainly using it for selfies and personal use, an extremely high range might be too much and just unnecessary for you.

  1. Extra Features 

There are a couple of premium features available, such as:

  • Brushless motors - gives you a quieter operation and a longer life span
  • Headless mode - when you want the drone to move to the direction relative to you
  • Integrated GPS - helps you find the drone -- although it’s advisable that you see the drone at all times, this tool might come in handy
  • Return to home - allows the drone to return to your location in a single click of a button
  • Follow-me - allows you to concentrate on whatever it is you’re doing while the drone records it
  • Gimbal - keeps the camera steady
  • Obstacle avoidance - protects drone from crashing into a tree, or anything that might damage it

These are just a couple of features, and there are a lot more. Consider whether these are important to you or if you can do without them, since they will of course affect the price of the drone you’re buying.

  1. Camera Specs 

Most models now, especially the large ones, come with a built-in camera -- so make sure to check if the quality is good. Can it shoot 4K, or even 1080p? Since your new camera drone is -- of course -- a camera, it’s very important to note the quality of the photos and videos you’re going to take. You wouldn’t want to waste the amazing shot by compromising its quality, right? No matter how good your shooting angle is, the photo or video still won’t look good if the camera quality is low or can’t handle aerial shots.

  1. Accessories

Accessories are very important in terms of camera drones. Just like your smartphone or any type of gadget, your drone runs on battery and it will die at some point. You might want to buy spare batteries, and probably a quick charger because you can’t really afford to charge your drone for 7 hours when you’re on the go. You may also look into the pricing of propellers and propeller guards to improve the quality of your drone.

It is also very important to check how easy it is to find replacement parts and accessories for your drone. While you should be very careful in handling your drone, crashing it or damaging it is somewhat inevitable and you should be prepared for that.

  1. Where to buy your camera drone

When considering all the things mentioned here, you should always keep your budget in mind. All of these things have a direct effect on how costly your camera drone is going to be. Drones can be really expensive, but not if you look in the right places!

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camera dronecamera drone

camera dronecamera drone

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