3 Things You Need to Have to Become a Beauty Vlogger

Starting a beauty Vlog channel can be quite challenging given the fact that there are already a lot streaming. But it does not mean that you cannot be one. If you’re passionate about makeup and have a talent for hosting, or never a camera-shy, then you can possibly excel in becoming a beauty vlogger. All you need are these essentials.

  1. Own a Video Camera

Editing a video requires some skills but it can be easily learned. You just need to do some research. Of course, you need to record your own video. It can be quite a challenge in finances since a video camera is understandably pricey. But thank God for MyTotalWorld.com, one can buy a video camera and save up to 90%! Pay only $135 instead of $1100 for a high-resolution, wide megapixel video camera that will take a very good video for your video blog!

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  1. Access to premium beauty products and makeup

Some makeup brands are too expensive but MyTotalWorld.com gives you access to premium makeup that will surely give justice to your VLog. We have everything from eyeshadow palettes, face contour kit, makeup bags, fake eyelashes, the perfect foundation, eyeliners, gel liners, and many more. You can feature these products and review them. It’s a good idea since people are now clamoring for affordable yet very good makeup. We can all agree that a good makeup does not need to cause an arm and a leg. Correct?

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  1. Be Yourself, Confidently

You are beautiful with or without makeup. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Makeup is just to enhance what is already beautiful. It’s to highlight those assets. Face the camera, record with MyTotalWorld.com premium and affordable high-resolution video camera, featuring the best makeup kits in 2018 at an affordable price!

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